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There have been recent changes to the right to buy scheme, please click here for more information ...Berkley Vittoria has been assisting council tenants to purchase their property under The Right to Buy Scheme since 1991. During that time we have helped thousands of people to become property owners by guiding them through the entire process. We can assist by initially submitting your application to the council through to arranging your mortgage, dealing with solicitors and arranging any associated insurances.

We have schemes available where you would not have to find a deposit, have no initial financial outlay and all costs could be included within the mortgage.

Do I Qualify

Click here to check on the recently revised Right to Buy rules and see if you qualify for a discount of up to 77,900. (103,900 in London). For More Information Click Here

The Right to Buy Process

Here, we aim to give you all of the information you require, detailing each stage of the process from the initial application to finally owning your property. For More Information Click Here

Our Unique Service

Discover on this page how we can help you with each stage of the process enabling you to purchase your property without having to find any deposit or up front fees. For More Information Click Here

You are never too old to buy your council property

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